Exhibition Report – DMP2017

3th Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Exposition
19th China Dongguan International Mould & Metalworking Exhibition
19th China Dongguan International Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition
4th 2017 South China International Sheet Metal & Laser Show
7th International (Dongguan) Metal Casting Show
3th 3D Printing Show
13th Dongguan International Electro-Plating, Surface Finishing & Coating Exhibition
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Date: 28 November – 1 December 2017
Hosts: The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province
Dongguan Government
Venue: GD Modern International Exhibition Center,Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Total No. of Visitors: 120,799 (increased by 10% compared with last year)
Total no. of Exhibiting companies: 1,381 (increased by 0.7% compared with last year)
Total hall area: 113,658sqm (increased by 7 % compared with last year)
Total no. of booth: 6,216 (increased by 12 % compared with last year)
The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province
Dongguan Government
Dongguan Economy & Information Technology Bureau
Houjie Government
Paper Communication Exhibition Services
Dongguan Machinery Association


No. of Visitor:

DMP 2017
28 Nov
29 Nov
30 Nov
1 Dec
Weather Clear Clear Cloudy Clear
No. of Visitors 33,569 41,872 34,721 10,637 120,799


With an aim to facilitate the development of robots and intelligent equipment industry, “2017 Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Exposition” (“GIRIE”), organized by The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province and Dongguan Municipal People’s Government, co-organized by Paper Communication Exhibition Services, was held at GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong on November 28 – December 1, 2017. On the theme of “Green manufacturing for a better future”, the expo showcased the achievements of intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing on energy saving. The expo was divided into 7 zones. The total exhibition area was 113,658 sqm, with 6,216 booths, 1,381 exhibitors and over 120,799 buyers visiting the expo. Government officials, famous local and overseas experts of the robots and intelligent equipment industry, leading enterprises, media visited the expo and attended the opening ceremony, as well as a number of concurrent events together to promote the development of robots and intelligent equipment industry.
There are 165 exhibitors occupying 9290 sqm. in robot and intelligent equipment sector in 2017 while there were 124 exhibitors occupying 5388sqm. in the same  sector in 2016. A big growth of 72% on booth area for this sector.
During the exhibition, there were 38 conferences, seminars or activities concurrently hold, including “2017 International Advanced Manufacturing Industry (China Guangdong) Summit.
Exhibits are widely used in the industries of metal products manufacturing, plastic products manufacturing, machinery and production equipment manufacturing, mould making, electronics, computers, telecommunication products, automotive, home electrical appliances, toys, furniture and construction materials, medical equipment
Dongguan – Leading global manufacturing hub
Dongguan is a city in central Guangdong province, China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan borders Guangzhou to the north, Shenzhen to the south, and with close proximity to Hong Kong and Macau. Since “reform and opening up”, Dongguan has been transformed from a farm town into an emerging global manufacturing center and ecological city that is comfortable to live in. In recent years, Dongguan has been named China’s Manufacturing Hub, Excellent City for Innovation, International Garden City and National Civilized City. The city’s GDP reached 627.5 billion yuan in 2015, ranking no. 21 in China.
Dongguan has formed an advanced and comprehensive manufacturing system that covers more than 60,000 types of products across 30 different industries including electronics and information, electrical machinery and equipment, furniture, chemical engineering. The city has 740,000 companies and over 80,000 industrial enterprises, of which 5391 enterprises are above scale. One out of every ten pairs of sport shoes in the world is made in Dongguan. One in every five persons on average has a sweater which is made in Dongguan. One out of every six mobile phones is made in Dongguan. In addition, there are distinguishing parks in Dongguan such as Songshan Lake (Eco-park).
It is easy and convenient to travel to and around Dongguan. Total distance of highways is 5165km. Dongguan Rail Transit, R2 Line was opened while R1 is under construction. Guanhui Intercity Railway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link connect Dongguan with cities as implied by the name of the railways. Twelve highways including Guangshen Highway pass through the city. Travelling from Guangzhou airport, Shenzhen airport or Hong Kong international airport to Dongguan is about an one-hour drive.
  • Exhibitors and Buyers from Around the World

Exhibitors came from: Japan, Korea, Italy, US, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Sweden, Singapore, France, Israel, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR and more.

There were totally 1372 Exhibitors, including China 1238 companies (Dongguan, other Guangdong area and other provinces), Hong Kong SAR 73, Taiwan 36, Japan 8, Korea 15, Italy 1 & USA 1.

Overseas companies participated through their offices in China:

Japan 34, Germany 19, USA 6, Switzerland 5, Italy 4, UK 3, Austria 3, Sweden 2, Singapore 1, Korea 1, France 1, Israel 1, Turkey 1, Taiwan 1. Total 82 exhibitors

  • Featuring the Latest Robots and Intelligent Equipment
DMP gathered world-renowned machine manufacturers such as Wittmann Battenfeld from Austria, HAAS from the US, Fanuc, Sodick, JSW, Star Seiki, Yushin, Mitsubishi & THK from Japan, Greatoo, Cato, Dalian Machine Tool, Alfa, GSK, Topstar, showcasing state-of-the-art machines and technologies of the world. The latest robots and intelligent equipment were highlights of the show.
  • Exhibitors from Around the World
Machine Tools Exhibitors: Exeron, Hardinge, Roeders, Trumpf & Blum from Germany, HAAS from the US, Renishaw from UK, Erowa from Switzerland, Fanuc, Sodick, Okuma, Makino, Mitsubishi, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Tsugami & Misumi, from Japan, Jingdiao, DNE, Beyond, Han’s, Chin Fong, Carl Zeiss AG, Accretech, and more.
Plastics Machinery Exhibitors: Arburg, Single, Koch, Lenzkes from Germany, Wittmann Battenfeld from Austria, Piovan from Italy, Fanuc, Yushin, Star Seiki, Nissei Plastic, JSW, Toyo, Sumitomo, Kawata, Matsui & Harmo from Japan, Haiten, Top Star, Multitech, Fomtec, Borunte, Yao An and more.
Metal Casting Exhibitors: Buhler from Switzerland, Frech from Germany, Italpress, Idra, LK, Yizumi, Yan Hing, Glory, Chit Shun, TX, Kashui, just to name a few.
Well-known Brands and Manufacturers Visited the Show
19 enterprises and 23 buyer groups (1088 visitors) visited the show. These well-known manufacturers included BYD, Lianguan Group, Foxconn, University of Electronics Science and Technology of China – Zhongshan Institute, Chamber of Commerce Xiaolan Zhongshan, Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Xiamen Die & Mould Industry, Wellmei Mould, Guangdong Senior Electronic Commercial Technician School and Foxlink.
Buyers came from: China, Macau, HK, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, US, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, UK, Chile, Brazil, Australia, India, Peru, Philippines, Switzerland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, Lao, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Austria, Spain, Italy, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France, Canada, Belgium and more.
Date of Next Event : 27 – 30 November 2018

DMP Track Record

Year Hall Area m2 Booth Area m2 No. of Exhibitors No of Visitors
1999 4000 2300 172 22041
2000 6264 3728 250 33000
2001 16000 7060 409 79100
2002 21309 9939 600 81073
2003 29802 13615 640 83990
2004 42382 18804 828 89884
2005 56415 25176 943 91976
2006 73342 32000 1191 104989
2007 73966 32436 1114 106218
2008 57632 25935 957 86080
2009 43108 19322 757 62200
2010 49345 (14%↑) 24390 (26%↑) 922 (22%↑) 71650 (15%↑)
2011 64395 (30%↑) 34026 (40%↑) 1044 (13%↑) 75590 (5%↑)
2012 74143 (15%↑) 37710 (11%↑) 1106 (6%↑) 79707 (5%↑)
2013 75989 (3%↑) 40663 (8%↑) 1194 (8%↑) 81300 (2%↑)
2014 85554 (13%↑) 43260 (6%↑) 1226 (3%↑) 87495 (8%↑)
2015 99403 (16%↑) 46679 (8%↑) 1318 (7%↑) 107200 (22%↑)
2016 106082 (7%↑) 49969 (7%↑) 1372 (4%↑) 110052(3%↑)
2017 113,658 (7%↑) 55,946.34 (12%↑) 1,381 (0.7%↑) 120,799(10%↑)

Visitors’ Profile:

Total no. of visitors : 120,799, mainly professionals and buyers, above 95% are professionals.

Visitor percentage (countries & areas)

China 89%
Hong Kong SAR 5%
Taiwan 2%
Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, USA, Macau, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, UK, Chile, Brazil, Australia, India, Peru, Philippines, Switzerland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, Africa, Italy, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France, Canada, Belgium, Panama 4%


Buyers by China provinces: :
Guangdong 93%
Shanghai 1%
Zhejiang 1%
Jiangsu 1%
Fujiang 1%
Shandong, Beijing, Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan and other Provinces 3%


Buyers by Guangdong City:
Dongguan 50%
Shenzhen 25%
Guangzhou, Foshan & Panyu 10%
Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Shantou, yangjiang, Zhaoqing 15%


Buyers by Company Scale of Employee:
Below 100 pax 49%
Below 500 20%
Below 1000 13%
Below 5000 11%
Over 5000 7%


By Company Type:
Machines, tools, equipment 16%
Trading, Agents, Sales 15%
Metal working 14%
Mould making 12%
Plastic Processing 9%
Electronic consumer goods 7%
Car manufacturing & related business 5%
Electrical Appliances 3%
Service industry, education & others 3%
Decoration & building materials 1%
Toys 1.4%
Household goods 2.3%
Computer, software 1.9%
Office stationery 0.5%
Others 8.9%


How do you know about this exhibition?
Invitation from exhibitors 22%
Media (Newspaper, magazine, radio, TV) 21%
Electronic media (Website, email, sms) 20%
Invitation by phone call 5%
Signboard, advertisement board on highway 8%
Invitation from organizer 24%