General Information

2024 Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

25th DMP International Mould & Metalworking Exhibition
DMP Plastics Exhibition
12th International (Shenzhen) Metal Casting Show
9th 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Exhibition
Future Manufacturing Technology Exhibition & Conference (FuMaTech)
Hardware Show
Greater Bay Area Industrial Internet Exhibition
Expo on Advanced Coating & Film Technologies (ACFT)
Asia International Innovative Invention Exhibition
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Address: 1 Zhancheng Rd, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
Date: 26-29 November, 2024 (4 days)
Opening Hours: 26-28 November, 2024 Tuesday to Thursday 09:30 – 17:00
29 November, 2024 Friday   09:30 – 14:00
240,000sqm Gross Area. World Class Metalworking, Mould Making, Robot, Plastics & Metal Casting Equipment on display!
Opening Ceremony: 26 Nov.(Tuesday)10:30am South Lobby, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)
Concurrent Events:
  1. CES 工业元宇宙大会 — “元宇宙 向未来 新制造 定天下”
  2. 第十四届『长城特钢』工模具材料配件产业链交流大会暨模具产业数字化转型高峰论坛
  3. 2023 第六届国际先进涂层与薄膜技术大会
  4. FuMaTech & IRACE 2023 — 制造业领域未来解决方案
  5. 第八届增材制造技术应用论坛
  6. 第九届国际先进制造业(中国广东)高峰会 — 精益智造 智取未来
  7. 第五届中国国际数控刀具节会议及华锐之夜晚宴
  8. 2023亚洲国际创新发明展暨国际创新发明大奖
  9. 构建以循环肿瘤细胞为核心的肿瘤精准检测整体解决方案
  10. 传统丝印,移印有烦脑?试试全新UV数码打印吧
  11. 如何应用IoT协助注塑生产过程中的品质管理
  12. 科技驱动助力人类健康,数字化推动中医药产业创新
  13. 压铸周边自动化及机器人国产替代解决方案
  14. LogiMAT China 内部物流解决方案高峰论坛
  15. 株洲钻石新品推广及技术交流
  16. 数控加工痛点座谈会 — 高压断屑研讨会
  17. 模具科技大讲坛
  18. 高品质工模具材料,配件,热处理及加工设备应用交流
  19. Mastercam 2024 智能制造 + Aplus 增材制造最新技术交流会
  20. 数.智新工业 — 百度爱采购工业未来大会
  21. 数.智新AI — 百度爱采购工业未来大会
  22. 人才配对新闻发布会+人才招聘会
  23. 2023中小企业专精特新暨绿色高质量发展论坛
  24. 中国刀协 — 第六届会员大会
  25. LogiMAT 全球系列展新闻发布会
  26. 《博乐 M789 AMPO & W360 AMPO 3D打印在注塑和压铸模具的高性能应用》
  27. 《增材制造创新应用 — M2C》
  28. 探索工业数字化转型的趋势与动力
  29. 宝安区制造业企业数字化创新供需对接会暨宝安区工业互联网软件政策宣贯会(首届“金智奖”专精特新先进企业颁奖活动)
  30. 工业4.0落地方案 – 应用AI在注塑做质量估算、应用IoT在注塑做参数控制
  31. 东莞市台商协会 — 塑胶(模具)公會与东莞市机械模具产业协会交流会
  32. 『亚洲国际创新发明大奖 2023』评审时段
  33. 中国产业科技金融合作论坛新闻发布会
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  • Professional trade fairs are free for people over 18 years of age.
  • Last entry 30 minutes before the exhibitions close.


DMP History

  Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition (DMP) is the largest exhibition with the most brand awareness and industry influence created by Hong Kong Paper Communication Exhibition Services. Founded for more than 20 years, based on the large machinery manufacturing supply chain production base in the Pearl River Delta, and the rapid development of China’s economy and the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, DMP has developed into one of the most influential industrial machinery exhibition in South China and even the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition area, the number of exhibitors and both local and foreign buyers are increasing year by year. During DMP, a number of high-standard forums, seminars, new product launches, etc. were held, making DMP an event for technology sharing and showcase of new products. DMP exhibition has been recognized by the People’s Government of Dongguan city as the “Top Ten Exhibitions ” and “Dongguan Key Brand Exhibition” for many times.
  • Year 1999

    The first DMP was held in the Dongguan Gymnasium in early December, with a scale of 4000 sqm. At that time, there was no standard exhibition hall in Dongguan. The scale of the first exhibition was relatively small, but it achieved good results.

  • Year 2001

    DMP was moved to the newly completed Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the exhibition increased to 16,000 sqm.

  • Year 2002

    GD Modern International Exhibition Center (Houjie, Dongguan) was completed. DMP was moved to the new exhibition center and the scale increased to 21,309 sqm.

  • Year 2003-2007

    The scale of DMP exhibition is growing 30%-40% each year. In 2006, the scale of the exhibition reached 73,342 sqm.

  • Year 2008-2009

    Due to the global financial crisis, the scale of the exhibition was also affected. The scale of the exhibition in 2008 and 2009 was 57,000 sqm and 43,000 sqm respectively.

  • Year 2010-2014

    With the recovery of the global economy and the continued rapid growth of the Chinese economy, the scale of the DMP reached a new high. In 2014, the scale of DMP reached 85,000 sqm.

  • Year 2015-2018

    On the basis of DMP, the Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Expo, hosted by the People’s Government of Dongguan city, organized by the Dongguan Industrial & Information Technology Bureau and Paper Communication Exhibition Services, was held concurrently.

  DMP pioneers the adoption of “hosted by government, organized by enterprise” strategy and “market-oriented, internationalization, specialization” mindset; builds a supply-demand platform with national influence and demonstration effect; accelerates the promotion and application of local smart equipment; stimulates market demand, implements demand-based supply, creates a smart manufacturing supply chain; and promotes the development of the robot and smart equipment industry in the region. Through the strong cooperation between the government and enterprises in their respective fields, the exhibition has gained a higher level of attention and publicity. During the opening ceremonies and exhibitions, leaders of relevant national and provincial departments, foreign consulates in Guangzhou, industry associations and representatives of key foreign and local exhibitors are invited to attend. The scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and visitors hit a record high, achieving good social benefits and exhibition results.
  In 2018, the scale of the exhibition was 123,934 sqm, with 1675 exhibiting companies and 123,708 buyers and visitors.
  2019 DMP moved to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, and upgraded to DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo. It is the upgraded version of Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition (DMP). The scale of the first DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo is 200,000 square meters (10 exhibition halls), the number of local and foreign exhibitors was 1,848, and the number of visitors was 132,790. The scope of exhibition: CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing systems, industrial robots, sheet metal lasers, die-casting, plastics and packaging, mold manufacturing, industrial internet of things, industrial measurement, 3D printing, precision parts, digital factories, industrial big data, artificial intelligence, industrial 4.0 and more, covering latest technologies and products of smart production chain such as raw and auxiliary materials, key components, advanced manufacturing equipment, total solutions and customization.


Scope of Exhibits

Mould & Metalworking Exhibition
bull_arrow Mould making machinery
bull_arrow Metalworking machinery
bull_arrow Alloys, steel and other raw materials
bull_arrow Energy Saving products, Factory Accessories, Materials handling, Surface Finishing & Coating, Precision Testing and measuring instrumentation
bull_arrow Precision Machining
Plastics & Packaging Exhibition
bull_arrow Injection moulding machine, Blow moulding machine, Extrusion machine, Bag making machine and Rubber machinery.
bull_arrow Robot, hot runner and other ancillary equipment for plastic processing.
bull_arrow Chemicals & Raw Materials for plastics products.
bull_arrow All kinds of equipment and materials for packaging and printing.
bull_arrow Sub-contracting services: Mould making, metal/ plastic products manufacturing, die-casting, foundry and electro-plating.
Sheet Metal & Laser
bull_arrow Sheet metalforming machines and equipment, Laser cutting machines and equipment.
Metal Casting Show
bull_arrow Diecasting Equipment, Alloy, Industrial Automation, Die-casting Mold, Oven, Metal Casting products and semi-finished products. Joinly organized by Hong Kong Foundry Association
Robot & Automation
Auto Parts
Industrial Internet
Smart Industrial Park
Nuclear Technology Applications

Special Pavilion

● 3D printing zone
● Hardware&tools
● Robot and Automation Zone
● Electro-Plating
● Surface Finishing & Coating
● Cutting Tool Hall
● Korea Pavilion
● Taiwan Pavilion
● FITMI Industry 4.0 Smart Factory
● 3D Printing Hong Kong Pavilion
● Lubricant & Chemicals Show
● Industrial Park Show and Engineering Plastic Zone


Paper Communication Exhibition Services
Guangdong Xunzhan Convention & Exhibition Ltd.
Shanghai Xunzhan Convention & Exhibition Ltd.
Dongguan Xuntong Convention & Exhibition Ltd.
Shenzhen Xuntong Exhibition Ltd.


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➭ China Machinery Industry Federation ➭ China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association
➭ China Association of Plant Engineering ➭ China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application
➭ China Communications Industry Association ➭ Contemporary Service Platform for Integration of Informatization & Industrialization
➭ China Robot Industry Alliance ➭ 中国工业园区节能环保循环产业联盟
➭ China Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce ➭ Association of Japan Plastics Machinery (JPM)
➭ Korea Tools Industry Cooperative ➭ Hong Kong Trade Development Council
➭ Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI) ➭ Hong Kong Foundry Association
➭ Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association ➭ Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association
➭ Hong Kong 3D Printing Association ➭ Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association
➭ Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association ➭ Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council
➭ Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association ➭ Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association
➭ Hong Kong (SME) Economic and Trade Promotional Association ➭ IOT HK Association
➭ World Hakka Association Hong Kong Branch ➭ PRD Council
➭ Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry ➭ Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association
➭ 海峡两岸穗台青年创业中心 ➭ Society of Advanced Molding Technology
➭ Shanghai Die & Mould Trade Association (SDMTA) ➭ Shanghai Association of Die & Mould (SADM)
➭ Guangdong Die & Mould Industry Association (GDMA) ➭ Guangdong Machinery & Mold Technology Association
➭ Guangdong Machine Tools Measuring & Cutting Tools Chamber of Commerce ➭ Guangdong Compressor Association
➭ Guangdong Province Industrial Park Association ➭ Alliance of Industrial Internet (Guangdong)
➭ Guangdong Robotics Association ➭ Guangdong Industrial Design Association
➭ Guangdong Abrasive Professional Committee ➭ Guangdong Plastics Industry Association
➭ Guangdong Automotive Purchasing Chain ➭ The Chamber of Hardware & Electronic of Guangdong Province
➭ Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Die & Mold Technology Society
➭ Shenzhen Association for Vacuum Technology Industries ➭ Shenzhen Diecasting Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Terminal Electronics Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen BaoAn Mould Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Modern Material Association
➭ Shenzhen Mobile Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association ➭ Fastener Association of Shenzhen
➭ Shenzhen Toys Industry Association ➭ Shenzhen Information Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Industry Association ➭ Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association
➭ Guangzhou Mould Industry Association ➭ Ningbo Mould Industry Association
➭ Xiamen Die & Mould Industry Association ➭ Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association
➭ Wuhan Association of Environmental Protection Industry ➭ Association of Environmental Protection and Ecology in Zhuhai City
➭ Zhuhai Manufacturers Association (ZMA) ➭ Zhuhai Advanced Equipment Manufacturers Association
➭ Dongguan Machinery Association ➭ Electronics Information Industry Association of Dongguan
➭ International Industrial Alliance of Smart Phone and Mobile Terminal ➭ Dongguan-Shenzhen Industrial Cooperation Promotion Association
➭ Dongguan Hardware Mechanical & Electric Chamber of Commerce ➭ Dongguan Numerical Control Cutting Association
➭ Dongguan City Jiangsu Changzhou Chamber of Commerce ➭ Dongguan Bosum Technology Enterprise Service Center
➭ Dongguan Hardware & Accessories Industry Association ➭ Dongguan Guancheng Electronic Commerce Association
➭ Dongguan Industrial Automation Association ➭ Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing Association
➭ Dongguan Machinery & Mould Industry Association ➭ Hardware – Machinery Mould Association of Dongguan
➭ Dongguan Mask & Equipment Industry Association ➭ Dongguan Digital Industry
➭ FoShan Mould Trade Association ➭ Foshan Nanhai Mould Industry Association
➭ Foshan Machinery and Equipment Industry Association ➭ Foshan Shunde Lunjiao Machinery Accessories Chamber of Commerce
➭ Zhongshan Xiaolan Intelligent Equipment Manufacturers Association ➭ Huizhou Association of Environmental Protection Industry
➭ Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association ➭ Suzhou Trade Association of Cutting Tools
➭ Wenzhou Mould Association ➭ Changzhou Xixiashu Toolings Association
➭ Kunshan CNC Tools Association ➭ Zhangjiagang Plastic Beverage Machinery Association
➭ Wenling Measuring & Cutting Tools Industry Association ➭ Yueqing Automation Industry Association
➭ Qinghe County CNC Cutting Tool Association ➭ 3D Printing Medical Devices Committee of CAMDI
➭ Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. ➭ Dongguan Stamping Information Technology Co., Ltd.
➭ Shenzhen Promotion Association for Small & Medium Enterprises ➭ Shenzhen Sensors and Intelligent Instrumentation Industry Association
➭ Shenzhen Baoan Industrial Internet Association ➭ Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
➭ Shenzhen 3D Printing Association ➭ Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association
➭ Guangzhou Sheet Metal Industry Association ➭ Ningbo Plastics Industry Association
➭ Dongguan Health Protective Products Industry Association ➭ 深圳市中日經濟文化交流促進會
➭ 深圳市工業互聯網行業協會 ➭ Shenzhen Foreign Economic Trade and Investment Development Promotion Association
➭ Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Productivity Service Alliance (GBAPA) ➭ Foshan hydraulics pneumatics & Industry Association
➭ Dongguan Intelligent Equipment Industry Association ➭ Dongguan Electronic Industry Association
➭ Guangdong Lighting Association

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