Promotion Plan

1) Advertisements on Highway advertising boards


2) Outdoor Advertisement at various location of China



3) Website Promotion

紧固件工业网 上海紧固件展 金蜘蛛紧固件网 华人螺丝网
机床市场采购网 聚模网 天下机械网


4) Baidu Search Promotion


5) EDM Promotion


6) H5 Media promotion


7) Sent VIP card and invitation card

Greater Bay Expo Invitation Card IMCS Invitation Card
Greater Bay Expo 2019 VIP card


8) Advertising on All Major Professional Magazines

Japanese Magazines
Chinese Magazines

9) Advertising on All Major Newspapers

Japan Newspapaers

10) Airport and Subway Advertising Bboards

China Airport and Subway Indoor Advertising Boards
Hong Kong MTR Station Indoor Advertising Boards

11)Set up pull up banner on Airport and Subway

12) Promotional leaflets and invitation cards would be delivered at major events or association office

Promotions by TV, Radio and MTR Broadcast

13) 播放電視、電台、地鐵廣告