List of Council Member

➭ Shenzhen Modern Material Association ➭ Shenzhen Die & Mold Technology Society ➭ Guangzhou Sheet Metal Industry Association
➭ Guangzhou Mould Industry Association ➭ Ningbo PIastics Industry Association ➭ Xiamen Die & Mould Industry Association
➭ Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association ➭ Zhuhai Advanced Equipment Manufacturers Association ➭ Electronics Information Industry Association of Dongguan
➭ Dongguan Machinery Association ➭ Hardware–Machinery Mould Association of Dongguan ➭ 东莞市健康防护用品行业协会
➭ Foshan Mould Trade Association ➭ Foshan Nanhai Mould Industry Association ➭ Zhongshan Xiaolan Intelligent Equipment Manufacturers Association
➭ Suzhou Trade Association of Cutting Tools ➭ Changzhou Xixiashu Toolings Association ➭ Kunshan Numerical Cutter Association
➭ Zhangjiagang Beverage Plastic Packaging Association ➭ Yueqing Automation Industry Association ➭ Hong Kong Institute Of Patentattoriveys
➭ Hong Kong Apparel Machinery Association ➭ Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council ➭ Hong Kong Synthetic Leather & Metal Material Suppliers’ Association
➭ HK Netrepreneurs Association ➭ Inno Quality Academy ➭ International Quality Service Management Promotion Association
➭ Hong Kong Healthy Water Technology Association ➭ International Beauty and Health General Union(Section China & Hong Kong)

(names not listed in order)