Promotion Plan

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1) Advertisements on Highway advertising boards

广惠高速公路 广珠西线顺德服务区 广深K86深圳段广深高速黄田立交处 广深高速公路新塘居民楼顶
pro2017-highway-A1 pro2017-highway-A2 pro2017-highway-A3 pro2017-highway-A4
顺德服务区 广惠小金口 广惠小金口 广惠小金口
pro2017-highway-A5 pro2017-highway-A6 pro2017-highway-A7 pro2017-highway-A8
京珠高速韶关路段曲江出口处  京珠高速韶关路段曲江出口处  京珠高速韶关路段曲江出口处 京珠高速韶关路段曲江出口处
pro2017-highway-A11 pro2017-highway-A12 pro2017-highway-A14 pro2017-highway-A15
佛开高速雅瑶服务区附近  佛开高速雅瑶服务区附近  广澳高速 广澳高速 
pro2017-highway-A9 pro2017-highway-A10 广澳高速2 广澳高速3
广深沿江高速 K33+300沙田互通  广深沿江高速 K33+300沙田互通
广深沿江1 广深沿江2


2) Outdoor Advertisement at various location of China

pro2017-china-B1 pro2017-china-B2 pro2017-china-B3 pro2017-china-B4


3) Website Promotion

华人螺丝网 环球塑化网 传动企业网 《机床与液压》
 pro2017-website-luosi  pro2017-website-pvc123  pro2017-website-cdqy  pro2017-website-jcyyy
海西塑料中心 《塑胶工业》 《金属加工》 海智在线
pro2017-website-hisu pro2017-website-ip1689  pro2017-website-metalworking1950  pro2017-website-haizol
《机床市场采购网》 《激光制造商情》
pro2017-website-cjcsc pro2017-website-cjcsc


4) Webchat Promotion

OFWEEK微信發佈 智海在線微信發佈 海西塑料中心微信發佈 中國機床大全網微信發佈


5) QQ advertising

QQ website advertising
QQ advertising dialog box


6) H5 Media promotion

ASF2017 Invitation card DMP2017 Invitation card
 pro2017-H5-ASF pro2017-H5-DMP


7) Sent VIP card and invitation_card

DMP2017 invitation_card
 dmp_invitation_card-page-001     dmp_invitation_card-page-002
DMP2017 VIP card


8) Advertising on All Major Professional Magazines

《機床與液壓》Magazines 《塑膠工業》Magazines 《機床市場與採購》Magazines
Japan Professional Magazines
Cover page Inside ads Cover page Inside ads


9) Advertising on All Major Newspapers



10) Advertisements on Exhibition, Airport and Subway advertising boards

GDE Hall9 advertising boards
Shenzhen Airport and Guangzhou Airport advertising
Subway advertising boards
pro2017-mtr-00 pro2017-mtr-01 pro2017-mtr-02 pro2017-mtr-04


11) Promotional leaflets and invitation cards would be delivered at major events



12) Streets and Bridge advertising banner


13) Promotions by TV and Radio Broadcast

TV advertisement
羊城Traffic radio
( Note:DMP advertising stated from 3:00)


14) Email invitation to Overseas buyers